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About Us

HYCAST focuses on providing health-care related products and services thru our on-line eCommerce platform –

   Our products, mainly from Australia, are categorised in the following 5 segments:

  • 1. Health Care Supplements 
  • 2. Personal Care Products 
  • 3. Sports Supplements 
  • 4. Healthy / Organic Food & Beverage (limited items in phase 1 roll-out)
  • 5. Household Products (phase 2 plan) 

  • Our value-add services include but not limit to:

  • 1. Search and purchase of any health-care related products from Australia
  • 2. Health/weight management, nutrition, personal care knowledge, exercise program sharing
  • 3. Advice from related specialists or practitioners 
  • 4. Successful cases sharing

  • We are new “START-UP” On-line Shop managed and serviced by a team of 5 core members with different specialty and experiences but with a common PASSION:

  • “Our Mission is to be your Health-Care Partner to foster Healthy, Prosperous & Happy Life”

  • “Customer Centric, Health Focus, Integrity First”
  • To achieve our common mission, we have to have:
    • Healthy Body:  maintained with on-going healthy diet and supplements
    • Prosperous Heart:  up-kept thru regular exercise program, plus sports supplements
    • Happy Mind:  nurtured by continuous learning, sharing and communication with experts (SME) or practitioner

  • Core Team Members:

  • - Management team with good knowledge & experience in Applied Nutrition & Health Management
  • - Nutrition & Health/Weight Management Specialist
  • - Physiotherapist (to-be) as Healthy Exercise Program Advisor
  • - Personal / Baby Care Practitioner
  • - Logistics & Value-add Customer Support Services Provider