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About Us

Since opening, Hycast has been focusing on sourcing different high-quality healthcare-related products from Australia for our customers. The products we sold include:

1. Healthcare Supplement

2. Sports Supplement

3. Personal Care Products

4. Healthy/ Organic Food and Beverages


Other than the products mentioned above, we also provide value-add services, including:

1. Search and purchase of any specific healthcare-related products from Australia

2. Health/ weight management/ nutrition knowledge

By doing these, we hope we could provide a more personalised shopping experience for our customers and do something more than just product-selling.


Why Australia?

It is because Australia's food safety standards for health supplements are as rigorous as pharmaceutical standards, which means that every health supplement in Australia must meet the standards of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) before going into the market for sale. One of the standards is listed:

"Any medications and ingredients used in any health supplements must be scientifically and clinically proven to have certain effects and benefits on the body."

Therefore, Australia's health supplements are definitely a more secure and safer choice in comparison to those that originated from other countries, and it is no wonder why they are so popular among consumers around the world. This is also why Hycast chose to source healthcare-related products from Australia, as we aim to provide the best quality and the most reliable products for our customers.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to be your healthcare partner to foster a healthy, prosperous, and happy life of yours"


Therefore, Hycast is here to help you with achieving a:

- Healthy Body: maintained with ongoing healthy diet and health supplements.

- Prosperous Heart: up-kept through regular exercises along with sports supplements.

- Happy Mind: nurtured by continuous learning, sharing, and communication with experts (SME) or practitioners.